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Hey! Peter Laws here from Crepy Cove Community Church Podcast. Now YOU can play like our demented, undead church band with this exclusive 'GOD OF THE MINOR CHORD' Guitar pick (or plectrum, if you prefer).


Each pick comes carefully attached to a lovely, glossy Creepy Cove 'I in the Congregation' Members Card'. I'd say these picks are a medium to heavy-sh gauge.


Whether you use this plectrum to crank out horrifically good riffs or want an authentic keepsake from the world's only church with vampires and'll be sure to impress/ disturb your friends, family or bandmates with these lovely picks. 


You might even want to pick up for display/ cherishing and the other for playing...since printed picks can sometimes lose a little ink after lots of frantic strumming. 


If you're not sure what Creepy Cove Community Church is, check out the podcast at

Creepy Cove 'God of the Minor Chord' Plectrum + Cards

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