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NEW, SIGNED & PERSONALISED By Author 'The Frighteners: Why We Love Monsters, Ghosts, Death and Gore' Fun Non-Fiction Paperback on Morbid Interest


I've got some author copies of my books, which I sell at book signings, but I'm often asked by people online if they can get a signed copy. Hence, I'm trying to offer that through my website. If you want me to sign this, or personalise the signature in any way, let me know! 


This is a new paperback copy of my book The Frighteners: Why We Love Monsters, Ghosts, Death and Gore. It's a fun and globe-trotting journey to explain (and defend) people with an interest in morbid or spooky things. 


If you (or someone you know) love horror movies and books, true crime, scary video games, ghosts or paranormal shows, some folks might think there is something wrong...but The Frighteners explains why it is perfectly normal, and even healthy, to be drawn to the darkness. 


I loved writing this book, especially since it took me to Transylvania, Rome and all across Britain, having all sorts of crazy adventures - from hunting a werewolf in Hull to being blindfolded and driven to a spooky mansion by the BBC where I was strapped to an electric chair and then had spiders thrown at me. All in a quest to understand what our morbid interests tell us. 


I used to work as a church minister for many years. So I've been trying to defend my interest in horror for yonks...but please don't think this book is some sort of religious tract to try and convert readers. It's not. This book is focused on my love of scary and horrible things and why it's okay for me...and okay for you too. 


NOTE: I haven't offered refunds or exchange on this item as once I've personalised the book, I can't use it for anything else. But if the book is lost in the post for some reason, do get in touch so we can figure out a solution. 


NEW, SIGNED & PERSONALISED by Author 'The Frighteners' (Non-Fiction)

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