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Meet the Team

Rev. Peter Laws

Hi! I'm Peter Laws and I've recently joined the church here at Creepy Cove. I enjoy speaking at the services and love getting to know the congregation (both onsite and through our new fangled 'podcast'). 

Interests: Retro TV, Krispy Kreme donuts and horror.   

Rupert Donk
(Church Administrator)

Greetings! Rupert Donk speaking. I first set foot in our beautiful church while I was still floating in amniotic fluid. Don't be alarmed by this statement, for I was merely a babe in the womb at the time.


Yes, my family are long term Covers (centuries back!) and I'm delighted to carry on the Donk tradition by serving the church on 'the admin side' - for my sins, ho ho! I'm a devotee of local history, and even wrote the book 'The Interesting Alleyways of Creepy Cove - Past and Present'. It is sadly no longer in print.

Interests: Polka music, wax cats and horror.   

Regan MacNiel 
(Fabric Team Leader)

Hey guys, I'm Regan and I help look after the building here at Creepy Cove. There's a lot to think about with a church as old as this, but I love it!

I own a few businesses in town which keep me super busy, but I still like to give a little back - especially since the church has really helped me out in the past.  

Likes: Rollerblading at the Creepy Cove Roller-rama (which I own) and horror, naturally! 

Our Music Ministry

We love music here at Creepy Cove, and enjoy making a 'joyful' noise at our services. Read below for more on our delightful music ministry team. 

Mary Henry

Hello. I'm Mary Henry, and I've been playing the grand organ at Creepy Cove Community Church for almost a year now. To be honest, I have no recollection of how I started coming here.

The last thing I recall was being chased on the beach by some dead folk, and then I passed out on the sand. When I woke, I was lying on the steps of this church. Fast forward a few months and I'm delighted to be part of the music team. I love my new life here in Creepy Cove. I'm a lawyer in town and have lots of new friends. 

Interests: Motor cars, Theremin and horror. 

John Russell

My name is John Russell. I am a widowed composer/ pianist from the New York area. I have lived in Creepy Cove for two years after my previous house was destroyed by fire. Please forgive me if I appear grumpy. I am still working through grief following the death of my beloved wife Joanna and daughter Kathy. I am told they appear in the Cove whenever it snows, and I live in hope to see them this year. I do not believe in God, but am pleased to still be fully welcomed at, what I now consider as, my church. I teach music at the local university of Miskatonic.

Interests: Horse-riding, ball games and horror.   


'Contemporary Christian Worship' Band

Yo! We lead the worship music here at Creepy Cove. That's right Jack...we're a far out troupe of troubadors and make no-a mistake-a.

We love video games, skiing and the lost art of mosaic making. We even crafted the massive mosaic hockey mask on the doors of the unisex church toilets. Took us an entire weekend that did, plus our drummer lost her finger (which is on currently on display inside the main toilet mirror). You're welcome!

We're delighted to finally play worship music in a church that never complains that it's too loud. They normally insist we crank up the vol. Yeah.   

In short. We like to rock for THE ROCK!  


Yet what is a church without...YOU?

We're not one of those churches with a big old empty building who only welcome locals. The reasons we exist is for you. Yes...YOU! (Picture us all lifting our arms right now and pointing at your face. But in a nice way). Yes, YOU are the key ingredient in our beautiful church, because after all: Creepy Cove Community Church isn't a building...'s a collective. A community. A set of human beings both in town and out of it, who simply want to find a little hope amongst the horror of life. 

So...we'll see YOU at the next service!



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