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Welcome to the creepy and unique world of... 

Author - Journalist - Speaker - Podcaster - Film Critic  - Weirdo


Meet Rev Peter Laws, your friendly neighbourhood minister of the macabre.


He’s not your average storyteller. He’s loved ghost stories, horror films and the paranormal long before he ever set foot in a church and became ordained. Ever since, he’s invited others into the unexplained, exploring the uncanny corners of the world. With a healthy dose of humour, curiosity, horror, and a very open mind, Peter welcomes you into a thrilling exploration of the unseen. Without any religious agenda, his books, podcasts, talks and media appearances will resonate with fellow fans of the strange, spooky and downright scary.


So, turn down the lights and dive into Peter’s spine-tingling world, where fear meets fascination. 

A black and white photograph of author and podcaster Peter Laws leaning against a white wall and gazing into the camera.


Peter is the creator of the acclaimed creepy Crime Fiction series featuring Matt Hunter, an atheist ex-pastor on the trail of deranged Christian serial killers, cults and paranormal believers.  

Four covers for the Matt Hunter crime fiction thrillers previously published by Allison and Busby


Frightful (Scary True Stories) 

Our Curious Past (Unique, Inspiring, Odd History) 


Frightful podcast art with scary skull face in darkness with a blood red titles of FRIGHTFUL across it.

FRIGHTFUL - Brace yourself for seriously scary true stories from real accounts of the paranormal, creepy cults, strange creatures, urban legends, true crime and more. 

'Genuinely Scary'

'Couldn't sleep last night'

'Really rather wonderful'

'Not your average creepy podcast'

Artwork for Our Curious Past podcast with silver grey butterfly against elegant yet spooky black background and text.

OUR CURIOUS PAST - With immersive audio, music, interviews and narration, hear fascinating and mysterious and moving stories from history. 

'Thoroughly enjoyable.'

'Love this show!'

'Well researched, written and presented.'

*Formerly known as 'Hometown History Europe'. 

A picture of Peter Laws for his Patreon, with headphones over artwork of Frightful and Our Curious Past artwork

PATREON - For price of a coffee get members-only content, ad-free podcast episodes, interaction, Zoom socials and bonus audio/ video. 

Check out what's on offer (and cancel anytime) here. Thank you for your support!

A button inviting people to become a member of the Peter Laws Patreon.


Peter is one of the 'experts' on the hit BBC Sounds/ Radio 4 Podcast 'Uncanny' with Danny Robins. 

He has appeared in every season, including the first-ever episode, famous for the line 'Bloody Hell, Ken!' Uncanny offers two perspectives on the paranormal, from Team Skeptic to Team Believer. Peter represents the latter. 

The famous artwork for the Uncanny BBC Podcast from Bafflegab with ghost man Danny Robins looking back over his shoulder.


As well as a monthly column in The Fortean Times magazine, Peter has also written two non fiction books. Including his acclaimed book 'The Frighteners: Why We Love Monsters, Ghosts, Death and Gore'. The book was described as 'A paradoxically jolly book about our fascination with horror' by the Daily Mail. You can sometimes buy signed copies of this book directly from the author, on this site. 'Weird' is a memoir and is available free when signing up to the Peter Laws Newsletter

The creepy gothic skull on yellow for the paperback cover of THE FRIGHTENERS Why We Love Monsters Ghosts Death and Gore
The book cover for WEIRD, a book by Peter Laws how an anti-church horror fan became a pro-horror church minister grey clouds


Peter is the creator of one of the most unique podcasts ever made. Creepy Cove Community Church offers full

and immersive church services from the fictional town of Creepy Cove. It's a mix of horror, weird comedy,

original songs and talks to aid mental health and wellbeing and is specifically designed for those with or without any faith.  

A spooky silhouette of a church on the peak of a cliff overlooking the sea for Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast

"Like Songs of Praise
meets Stephen King"

Imagine a regular church service broadcast from a mysterious haunted fishing town...where all horror films are real.

Imagine no more....


Welcome to

Creepy Cove Community Church.  


HORROR HYMNS OF CREEPY COVE Vol 1 COVER Eerie black church silhouette against a red background
Eerie red pattern on black, with Creepy Cove Community Church Horror Hymns Music Album Vol 1
Eerie blue pattern on black, with Creepy Cove Community Church Horror Hymns Music Album Vol 1

The Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast includes original 'Horror Hymns' written and performed by Peter and some other artists. The albums are available to buy or stream on the usual streaming sites.   

PETER LAWS -                        AN INTRODUCTION


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