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The front cover of Peter Laws' third Matt Hunter novel SEVERED

A horrific axe attack.

An isolated cult.

Will Matt Hunter make it out alive?

During a Communion service, the teenage son of the vicar brutally attacks his father with an axe - in full view of the congregation. A frantic police search for the boy follows as rumours circulate that he was involved in devil worship.


Atheist ex-minister Professor Matt Hunter is brought in to advise, yet he soon suspects the cause is far more complex than first thought.

Elsewhere, a ten-year-old boy called Ever, grows up in a small cult. They believe they are the only true humans left and that the world is filled with demons. Harnessing the powers of a bizarre ritual they hope to bring peace and paradise to the world.

Soon the worlds of Matt and Ever will collide in one terrifying and murderous night.

Severed is the third book in the Matt Hunter, creepy crime fiction series. Perfect for fans of John Connolly, Elly Griffiths, Phil Rickman, John Connolly, Stephen King and James Herbert.



`Completely brilliant, creepy as all heck and a huge page turner. Matt Hunter is fast becoming a favourite... an absolutely rocking ride...Dark and delicious with plenty of edge of the seat moments, twisty as you like and beautifully written and plotted. Roll on more Matt Hunter. Highly Recommended.'

Liz Loves Books


`An unexpected thrill ride that I would gladly hop on again.... This one is perfect for fans of John Connolly.'

Don Jimmy Reviews

`I found the whole concept of this story to be intriguing and fascinating. Peter Laws has wrote characters I find believable and that I care what happens to them.'

Booking Good Read


'The details are rich and well done, creepy and very very eerie at times... I struggled to make myself put this down, then struggled even harder to sleep.' 

MADEUP Book Reviews


`Completely compulsive and I found it hard to stop reading!'

Rachel Read it


`A spectacular read'

Cheryl M-M's Book Blog 


`Severed really gave me the creeps ... a great balance of comic and the macabre... The writing is as tight as a drum, layer upon layer of this compelling and sinister story is peeled back with every sinister secret uncovered.'

Feminisia Libros Reviews 


`Severed holds your attention in a vice-like grip and you will definitely not be able to put it down'

On The Shelf Book Blog 


`The finale of this brilliant thriller is apocalyptic enough to satisfy the most ardent fan of the horror genre, but Laws is smart enough - like Phil Rickman in his Merrily Watkins novels - to give everything (well, almost everything) a natural explanation, and when the emotional roller-coaster finally comes to rest we know that it is human beings, images and clones of ourselves if you will, that are capable of far more dreadful deeds than any supernatural monster conjured up from the bowels of Hell.'

Fully Booked


`Severed is dark but it is enthralling and once again demonstrates why Peter Laws is an author to follow. His books are thrilling and action-packed but they're also clever and interesting, with an unusual perspective.'

For Winter Nights

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