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Members of the Peter Laws Patreon get lots of exclusive extras including:

  • Ad-Free Episodes of Frightful & Our Curious Past

  • Bonus Audio & Video Content

  • Access to a Private Facebook Messenger group

  • Invite to Zoom socials and discussion groups hosted by Peter. 

  • Physical Benefits like Frightful mugs, coasters and Creepy Cove Plectrums.

  • Get book, podcast and speaking news before anybody else. 

  • Exclusive Patron-only competitions. 

Patreon offers people a chance to support creators, including a unique connection with the creators themselves. 

If you'd like to join our great little community, you can join from $5 a month. Cancel anytime. 

Thanks so much for your interest in The Peter Laws Patreon


*Peter Laws Patreon (formerly known as Creepy Cove Patreon). 
*Our Curious Past (formerly known as Hometown History Europe). 

The Peter Laws Patreon artwork with Peter Laws plus headphones
Frightful and Our Curious Past Merchandise for Peter Laws patreon members
A frightful podcast mug
Peter Laws Patreon mugs, coasters and other merchandise

An Example of a Peter Laws Patreon GAME NIGHT!

A chance to hang out and have a laugh. Free zoom spaces open to all patrons

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