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Peter Laws is an author, journalist, film critic and public speaker. He writes the Matt Hunter crime fiction series and is the lead writer and host of three popular podcasts. 

Frightful (scary true stories of the paranormal and true crime, Our Curious Past (unique and intriguing accounts from history) and Creepy Cove Community Church (complete and immersive church services broadcast from a mysterious fishing town).  

Before his writing career, Peter was an ordained Reverend with a fascination for the macabre. 

He also writes a monthly column for the print magazine The Fortean Times. 

His acclaimed non-fiction book The Frighteners seeks to explain (and defend) why humans have a morbid streak.

He regularly speaks and preaches at churches and events and provides occasional writing consultancy work. 


His literary agent is Joanna Swainson of Hardman and Swainson


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