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Peter has written various articles for magazines and newspapers. 


He also writes a monthly column in the print magazine The Fortean Times, which explores weird news, the unexplained and strange phenomenon. His column, The Reverend Reviews covers the latest releases of dark thrillers and horror films. 


Articles Published in Print include:

A Grisly Fascination - Why The British Public Are Gripped by Murderers and their Horrific Crimes

(The Daily Mirror)

Is Demonic Possession Real?

(The Daily Sport)

I Know A Woman Who Keeps Her Coffin In Her Front Room

(The Irish Times)

Why We Love To Be Scared

(The Scottish Herald) 

What Witches Think of the Church

Dracula - The Most Christian Show on Television?

(Premier Christianity Magazine).

-'To Hell With Popcorn' - Depictions of Hell in the Cinema.

- 'Fortean Boardgames'

- 'The Terrifying World of Jack Chick'

-The Strange World of Demonic Divorce

-Transylvania Travel Journal

(Fortean Times) 


My Dark Pilgrimage 

(Third Way Magazine)


Where the Sacred and the Scary Meet

(Baptist Union of Great Britain National Magazine)



Front cover of The Fortean Times magazine which Peter writes for
An example of an article from the Daily Sport about Peter on Demonic Possession and the film THE VATICAN TAPES
A cover article written by Peter on Dracula for the BBC and Premier Christianity
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