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PURGED (Matt Hunter 1) 

Matt Hunter lost his faith a long time ago. Formerly a minister, now a professor of sociology, he's writing a book that debunks the Christian faith while assisting the police with religiously motivated crimes.


On holiday with his family in Oxfordshire, Matt finds himself on edge in a seemingly idyllic village where wooden crosses hang at every turn. The stay becomes more sinister still when a local girl goes missing, followed by further disappearances.


Caught up in an investigation that brings memories to the surface that he would prefer stay buried deep, Matt is on the trail of a killer determined to save us all.



'An engaging debut.' The Daily Mail


'Nigh on impossible to put down.' Starburst Magazine


'A devilishly cunning and creepily macabre murder mystery.'

Peterborough Evening Telegraph


'Gripping, utterly riveting.' Liz Love Books


'An absolute corker.' For Winter Nights


'I haven't been this creeped out by a novel since Let The Right One In.'Darkmatters


'Compelling...keeps us blindsided until the last few pages.' Fully Booked